Meet the Editors

gerard photo Gerard is a young and energetic student from London, a member of the men's football team at Brunel University. He loves going out, meeting new people and dreams of travelling to destinations he has only dreamed of before.
katie photo Katie has always been fascinated by the far flung places of the world and mysterious wonders on our planet – from Stonehenge and the Mayan temples of Mexico to the coloured sands of Mauritius, she has a big list of wonders that she managed to see and so many more yet to visit!

She has travelled around the world so has been lucky enough to see a fair few countries on the way and it’s her real passion to experience different cultures. She is an English lass now living in South Africa so exploring parts of this amazing country is next on her list.

Most inspiring place: Milford Sound, New Zealand. Must-see wonder: Luxor Temple, Egypt.
daga photo Dagmara is a big fan of travel and adventure, recently adding bungee jumping and shark cage diving to her list of extreme achievements. She loves to write about amazing places, music events, fun activities, and anything that will make your adrenaline level rise.

Having spent a couple of years studying in the US, Belgium, and working in London, she now aims to experience New York City.

Favorite holiday ideas: summer festivals, skiing in Alps, and beach outings.
claudia photo How can you describe Claudia in a few sentences?
Well she is a very dynamic person, she lives for travelling and experiencing new adventures and cultures the world has to offer. In the future she would love to be able to say that she has travelled the world and have enough knowledge to share with everyone
lucianne photo Known as ‘Dave’ to those around her, Lucianne maintains that exploring any new place is best spent hiking or climbing, as you really get to feel not only the wondrous terrain that surrounds you but also the atmosphere and climate in such an intimate way. Her days are spent soaking up as much travel knowledge and experience as possible in order to share it amongst the masses.
lidia photo Lidia loves to travel, discover new cultures, and is great at making friends wherever she goes. She likes to write about the unique destinations, cultural events, places she has been to, and those she is yet to visit.

Her recent trip to South Africa resulted in thousands of pictures, unforgettable memories, and a sure plan to visit this amazing place again.

Best holiday spots: Cape Town, Montenegro, or any windsurfing paradise.
agnes photo Agnes has a passion for exotic travel and education. She loves to write about everything from cultural events, arts and crafts, exotic hideaways and loves lists. Her favourite food is Sushi and Tokyo is not surprisingly her top city, but as a London dweller, she loves the city she calls home the best. Best festival: Burning Man. Best island destination: Maldives
peter photo Peter has a passion for adventure travel, loves to party and is all about the experience. He loves to write about top events, interesting vacation spots, quirky activities and of course anything to do with cool activities and fun things to do.

A Londoner but took a year out in 2001, having seen most of Asia, Africa, Europe and North and Central America. Latin America is definitely high ip on his list!

Best party place: Ibiza. Best city break: Miami in the spring, Reykjavik in the summer, New York in the fall and Cape Town in the winter.
jerome photo Jerome was born with travel in his blood, a Frenchman who grew up in Africa, he has always been in love with the continent and now lives in Cape Town.

He has traveled widely around the world and liked to called England his home for many years. He has a passion for Classical Music and loves playing tennis.

Favorite place for breakfast: Camps Bay, Cape Town
Best party city: Miami
kara photo Hello, my name is Kara. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am surrounded by natural beauty, with mountains I have conquered and hills I will still climb.

At 1.54 metres tall, I’m not very big, but I have a large heart. My heart is filled with things I love. I love hiking, jogging, swimming, yoga, reading good books and adventure.
I honestly live to eat, not visa-versa, and it doesn’t take much persuasion to get me to try something new. I thoroughly enjoy travelling, meeting people, comedy, debate and learning. A stranger is a friend, still to be made.
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alyx photo I’m a recent Rhodes University graduate and having been travelling through some cities in South Africa and calling them home. I majored in Anthropology and am fascinated by the way society and humanity interacts with one another. I also enjoy being able to meet new faces, going out and having new experiences.
Thus, being able to see new sights and engage with different kinds of people or cultures is what makes travel something worth doing. WAYN is the perfect way to keep up with your own loved ones whilst interacting with other new faces. I’m passionate ( read: addicted to) about social media and staying connected - no matter where you are. Therefore, being on a social media platform that allows me to plan my trips whilst secretly dreaming about places I’d like to see is pretty perfect. The best way to find yourself is to let yourself find other places. If I’m not spending my days, writing – you can find me in bookstore or near a bookshelf. A recent transplant to Cape Town and the Western Cape, I am enjoying seeing the sights and making this beautiful city my home for the next while.
laura photo Hi Everyone!

I've been a member here on WAYN since 2006. It's a great way to meet new friends and gain useful 'hints and tips' on various destinations across the globe. I'm usually found planning my next trip or break away and love the thrill of travelling to new places, revisiting old ones and experiencing different cultures too.

Whether you travel near or afar being on an adventure, expedition, tour or trip means making happy memories and is what life is all about....just remember to take your camera and plenty of pictures!
pradipna photo I am a development professional and served in various international agencies living and working in South Asia. My field of expertise is in social development planning and statistics with field experience in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Sri-Lanka. I have passed a master degree in both Zoology and Psychology.

Travel would be great.
Whatever people say about their travel experience, I could believe. I could believe that somehow, I managed to imagine the world through their lenses. But when I started travelling, I discovered the world was meant to be experienced. Travel is something beyond imagination – a destiny? I travelled elsewhere because something was meant to be.
nadya photo When I was child and in my early teens the wall in Berlin still existed so travel is not going from country A to country B, travel means freedom to me. Besides the world is full of surprises and adventures but they will not come to knock on your door. You have to go out and find them and I am keen to do it  Exploring new cultures and places broaden my mind. That’s why I love travelling in nutshell. I would love to go anywhere in the world!
meleena photo Having been introduced to travel at a young age, Meleena is an avid traveler and adventurist with passport stamps from over 75 countries on seven continents.Meleena's global network, including those she's met through WAYN, often provide her with insider tips and help pave the way for introductions to new friends.

She likes immersing herself in foreign cultures by making friends with locals and sampling regional food, wine, and music. Meleena enjoys sharing her travel experiences through writing and photography and hopes that in so doing it will encourage others to travel. As a wildlife enthusiast, she's ridden elephants in Laos and Zimbabwe, swam with seals in New Zealand, cuddled with koalas in Australia, and taken a polar plunge with the penguins of Antarctica.

Favorite destinations include Sydney, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Reykjavík, and her native New York City. As a newly certified scuba diver, she is on a quest to discover the world's best dive sites. Her next adventure is to Borneo.

In addition to writing for WAYN, Meleena blogs at and tweets @worldtravelure
gregory photo Gregory Taylor attended Hunter College in 1977 in New York City where he studies Accounting and Computer Science. He worked for the New York Daily News for 24 years as a Systems and Network Editor before relocating to Florida. Gregory spends his “free” time with his family, repairing and running his rc cars, boats and helis and driving all over the State and in the outskirts
tatyana photo Traveling is always a way. A way to something new - unforgettable events, bright impressions, unfamiliar traditions, other people. It’s also a way to myself - every new place finds response in my soul and changes me a little. I love medieval european towns and ancient ruins, exotic culture and wildlife. I love to touch old walls, feel the mood of every place and breathe another air. I’d like to experience more and more in discovering such a big world and for me WAYN is great help in choosing new destinations and meeting new people.
katherine photo Katherine is an enthusiastic student from London who is currently studying at the university of Birmingham.

Having travelled around Central and Eastern Europe, Katherine suddenly caught the 'travelling bug' and is now planning to visit Asia, New Zealand and South America in the near future.

As well as having a passion for travelling, she also loves writing, theatre and history - which she currently studies at university.
irra photo Irra has travel in her blood: her mum is from Kazakhstan (and yes she has met Borat) her dad is Polish and her family are in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Irra grew up in France and England, studied at Oxford, and went on to work for 2 years each in New York, Hong Kong and Milan. She is now officially a Londoner having beaten her '2 year curse' living in the city since 2011, where she has made a home with her other half and their 1.5 year old baby girl.

Irra has worked as a fashion model since the age of 14, notably for Guess, L'Oreal and Tom Ford. She started Soul of Fashion in 2009 covering Milan and Paris, and is currently launching her next venture about New Mums. Irra writes about start-ups, fashion, motherhood and of course travel.
andy photo Andy Johnson is a travel enthusiast from the core of his heart. He loves to travel to new places and has visited a number of places around the world. He even maintains a list of his favourite destinations and dreams of going to each of them one day. Andy loves the wide range of travel-related topics covered in your blog. He himself is an ardent blogger and so, wishes to contribute to your blog.
kevin photo Kevin has an interest in travel, writing and exploring new places. He is currently the Consumer Analyst, Manager of Customer Service, Compliance Officer and a Vice-President of Timeshares By Owner. He is also the host of the weekly radio show “Vacation Time Live” sponsored by Timeshares By Owner and airing weekly on News Radio 102.5 and 580 AM WFLA in Orlando and on iHeartRadio, and he shares his valuable experience on timeshare sales
charlie photo Charlie is a Copywriter at Studying history, he found his way into writing via the wonderful world of comic books (although he calls them 'graphic novels' in front of adults). Hailing from Sheffield, he can be spotted throughout the week rocking out empty, sticky London bars with his band or hiding from the sunlight in nice cafes, drinking coffee.
pawan photo As a successful Head of Business Development in India’s leading travel company, Tour My India, Pawan Kotiyal has set high work standards. Through his dedication and hard work he has become an important milestone in growth of the company. Beside leading his team and putting his best at work, Pawan is also an avid traveller, who likes to trudge to far-flung and lesser-explored destinations in India.
Trekking and photography keeps him busy while he is out exploring the unknown destinations. He also likes to pen his travelling experience in order to help those with similar interest in travelling, trekking and photography. He can be easily reached at Google+, Facebook and Linkedin.
patrick photo JOURNEY OF MY LIFE
I‘m Patrick Tusiime, 37 years old from western Uganda, in East Africa. I’m a Business Studies graduate and hold a certificate in Tourism. I was born in the savannas of Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme north east of Uganda among the Karimojong people, where my late dad worked as a Wildlife conservation warden. I was born and spent some years in the wildness among wildlife, which is possibly what shaped my strong desire and passion for wildlife, tourism and adventure.

Presently I work with Mufasa Tours and Travel as Operations Manager and most often I am in the field guiding clients to tourism places of interest; the work I enjoy passionately. More surprising is the fact that my current Directors were my clients who had got total satisfaction from my service on my previous work and felt I was the person to carry their business successfully.

My friendship with WAYN and fans is based on my genuine love for tourism, travel, adventure and making friends.
angelina photo My name is Angelina and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. My angel side (this is the meaning of my name) is active when I help people to make their dreams come true and when I travel. I have travelled mainly in Europe and the country that touched my heart is Portugal.
Beaten tracks and mass tourism are not my passion. I like exploring a new destination by contacting local people, drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe and observing the everyday life of people.
My favourite destination is my own country – Bulgaria. It is well known as a destination for a beach holiday. Being a member of the Wayn team gives me the opportunity to uncover the beauty of the nature, the exciting history and culture, the living traditions of Bulgaria. This will be my small contribution to image change of Bulgaria and I hope to turn people’s attention to my amazing country.
michelle photo I'm a phenomenal, adventure seeking woman. I Love meeting new people, trying out different food and learning the unspoken language of love that exists amongst us as humans. When I travel I seek nothing and I am open to the experience that life will bring my way. This has enriched my experience and by being open I have met the most exquisite people and had the most enlightening encounters. I have traveled around Southern Africa, visited Kenya staying in both Mombasa and Nairobi. I love South East Asia South Korea was my first International solo trip and thereafter I went to China and Hong Kong. I would love to do Thailand, Jump off the highest bungee jump in Macau Tower. I'm mad about Asia and Africa, I would love to do a cycle tour of Croatia and of course I would love to see Cuba and the Caribbean islands. I want to share my experiences with the world and sites like are not only a great platform to do this but they also a source of inspiration for travel junkies like me.
suze photo Suze is from UK, she is a photographer & content creator sharing hidden gems & unique experiences in Jamaica!
kate photo A self-appointed director of happiness amongst her friends and family, she spends her days writing, brainstorming online marketing ideas and figuring out which country is next on the bucket list of places to see.
elizabeth photo Author of "The Rubbish-Picker's Wife; an unlikely friendship in Kosovo" (2015) & 2 other Kosovo books. Speaker. Co-founder of @kosovarngo. Visit for more information.
maggie photo Maggie is always excited about each new day (& restless to know what it has in store this time!) She loves to travel, swim, run, hang out with friends, watch movies and nestle on a sofa with a great book. She's positively in love with the world.
karolina-and-patryk photo Karolina and Patryk are a travelling couple, who decided to quit the college, start a company and live a free life. They’re in a journey ever since, having visited many countries in Europe, Asia and America. On their blog, they are sharing experiences, giving tips how to travel in luxury and advice how to be a good couple. They are encouraging people to fulfill their dreams and being happy every day.
Karolina and Patryk
rose photo I’m Rose Marlo from Manchester, UK .I’m a part-time worker, a part-time traveler, part-time blogger and a full time magazine editor. I like traveling because it gives us chance to learn new things, it helps me to discover new ways of living. Travel makes me brave, it creates connection and it makes you to discover the world.
mongezi photo Mongezi Mtati is the Founder and MD of, a speaker and a bit of a social adventurer who loves to explore. He is building WordStart which helps companies to generate buzz around their products and services amongst South African influencers. He is also the Co-Founder of Social Jozi, a social adventurer community in Gauteng –South Africa.

Aside from his blog ( he also contributes on, and others. Follow him on Twitter @Mongezi or @WordStarters for updates about word of mouth and developments at WordStart.
jenny photo Jenny Corteza is an ardent blogger about the endless possibilities of hotel accommodations all over the world. When she is not traveling in search of the next memorable hotel experience, she can be found gloating over her collection of paddleboards that come in a dizzying variety of colors and patterns.

Jenny is an avid surfer and a complete gung-ho on the latest trips to nowhere that will keep anyone thrilled just by reading about it! She is also a DIY Robot builder and supports the seasteading project.
bishwo photo I’m a friendly , loyal & hard working person with the age of 49 , connected with hospitality service since almost 25 years in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and leaving in a small country side name - Gokerna Village – Another Beautiful secret Valley about 12/13 Kilometer North east of Kathmandu.

I would love to travel , meet people & like to expand friendly relation through such a fastest and growing Electronic media (WAYN) Internet site, which helps me to introduce myself and my beautiful country Nepal- the land of Nature, culture & adventure . Also known as the Birth place of Lord Buddha & the King of the Mountains "Mount Everest(2928 ft.)" world’s tallest Mountain on the Earth.
alaa photo Alaa Fahmy, An Egyptian Interior designer, moved from Alexandria to Cairo to pursue my career. have a big love for travel, though haven't done much of it yet. i still wo't give up on my dream to see the whole wide world. my love for travel is something i knew since early age, as i used to enjoy my family road trips to different cities on our vacations, and i've just recently started to explore the world out side on my own -baby steps still are steps :)-. i knew about WAYN for so many years actually, yet i've only recently became an active member, i believe that this website is the window and guide to all my future trips
peter-m photo On a spring morning in April 2012, I had an epiphany. I’m in Yunnan, sourcing and drinking some of the best teas this province has to offer, and frequently travelling to tea estates in the province’s southwest. While having breakfast, the thought suddenly crosses my mind to start a tea blog sharing tea stories and tea history in Yunnan.

As I was very much a newcomer to the world of tea in this neck of the woods, I decided to call the blog ‘the tea cloud apprentice.’ I began my own apprenticeship in tea. I visited the Xiongda Tea Market in Kunming almost every day, drinking, watching and observing the processes of how tea was made. I watched how tea sellers did their business, and travelled to tea estates across the province. I was intoxicated with the tea and the people I met.

You can read more of my blogs here.

Tea blessings,
Peter M
lesley photo Lesley started traveling at a very young age and is nothing short of addicted. Being a southern girl at heart, she grew up in the small town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Wanting the best of both worlds, she's found herself in the big city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now managing the marketing team at Oasis Collections, a full service hospitality company with curated profiles of high-end, short-term rentals, she couldn't be happier.

Lesley likes to live the life of an active traveler rather than a passive tourist. She is constantly in search of interesting people, destinations, and unique adventures. Taking photography classes, Lesley believes that traveling has become a strategy for accumulating the most breathtaking photos.

Favorite destinations include Argentina, Colombia, Greece and Morocco. As a newly certified scuba diver, she is on a quest to discover the world's best dive sites. Her next adventure is to Australia.

In addition to writing for Oasis Collections, Lesley's social media handles include twitter @lesleymurph and instagram @lesleyannemurphy
fernanda photo My name is Fernanda and I am Brasilian. This should be enough to say many things about me but ...anyway... for the ones who are not satisfied with so little information here is a little bit more.

I work on an International organisation who finance projects in developing countries. I am also a writer (though I still not have a book published ... yet). Travel is not only part of my job, is a catharsis; it gives me energy and the opportunity to see other people's world through my own eyes and perception. Travelling is my main source of inspiration to write, to discover, to share.
neha photo My colleagues laugh at me when I say I want to be remembered as a writer, and traveler. I haven’t written anything yet that I can be proud of, and I currently spend more time reading about places than experiencing them. My travel bio reads: Seen less than a quarter of my country, and visited only one city in another continent yet.

I don’t tell them, but I’m just doing my homework. I’m just preparing for the period in life when I’ll be traveling very often, for leisure and pleasure. And when with every trip I take, I’ll bring back more pictures than my memory can accommodate, and more stories than my heart can render. The period when every colleague who calls me asks: “So where are you now?”

I don’t tell them, but if I don’t be a workaholic now, I’ll not have enough to give wings to my dreams later, where I can experience people, places, life, the Universe…the way it’s meant to be.

Some things are best kept a secret. If it weren’t for WAYN, I wouldn’t be doing my homework properly
satvir photo My name is Satvir Singh and I was born in May 1952, in a small village of India. I completed my school education in this small village. My parents were farmer and I also worked in the fields. During the year 1965-70 there was not much developed technology in our country and people used to plough their field with the help of oxen. I used to work for agriculture and have respect and love for nature.
In order to find some work I moved to Delhi, the Capital of India in 1970. I belongs to a poor family and have to do some work to survive and finally got work in a factory. I left this job in 1971 and joined the service. In service I promoted to a senior level post and retired in 2012.
I like honesty and think that we should always speak truth and avoid mental stress from unnecessary thoughts and calculations.
I have respect for every religion and want to be with the people of every religion. Everybody knows that the God is one and present everywhere. My father told me "God in me, God in you hence we should respect each other” .
I love nature and hence visited various places, hill stations, lakes, beaches, rivers, temples, mosque, church and beautiful gardens. I like to sit hours on the beach looking at the movement of the water. The beach is a place of healing and joy. At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment.

Why you like travel?
I love nature and all creations of the God. People are fighting each other over small, small issues of religion when everybody knows that “GOD IS ONE”. The reason of fighting with each other could not be understood. I would like to visit such places to make them understand “our birth on the earth”. The WAYN through its members are providing lots of information of various beautiful destinations which is very beneficial to the people of the World.
emma photo Emma is originally from the UK, but is currently enjoying living as an expat with her family in the USA. She loves to explore new places, either as a tourist or as an expat (both of which are extremely different experiences and provide unique insights into a country).
She has always loved to travel - it is in her blood. Past great-great-grandfathers squandered the family possessions on globe-trotting… Even though her range of travel is now mainly within the USA and the UK, she documents her experiences in both words and pictures as a keen amateur photographer and a writer and blogger.
She likes WAYN as its community of travelers provide a head start in a new place and give ideas for new places as you get to know your area better.
daniel photo In my working life I'm a marketing director, but my real passions are for travel, adventure and sport. 8th February 2014 I headed off to the Venezuelan Amazon with my friend Luke Hanson and one of the UK’s best climbers, John Arran. Our aim was to be the first people to climb an inspiring and unusual double peaked mountain that rises out of the Venezuelan jungle and we succeeded!

Most inspiring place: snow covered mountains in Slovenia

Next on the to do list: Horseback safari in Tanzania – I only have 6 months to learn to ride though!
vaibhav photo I am a keen traveller and had been travelling since 2003. My trips have been mostly around INDIA. Honestly my profession also raised my interest levels in travelling. Most of the times my trips were not planned and this brought real adventure to it. One of the ideas which still propel me towards unplanned trips is meeting the raw nature away from our comfort zone ( As 'Eric Clawson' brings out in 'Wolf Country'). It makes me realise : "How this nature is so vast and the same time humble".
belinda photo I am Zimbabwean living in Harare. I work mostly in democracy and governance in particular election monitoring and observation. I love travelling because it challenges my perceptions and confronts my prejudices.
For many years, I have travelled mostly in Africa on election observation missions which is okay but hectic because its travelling for work. However I just finished my first trip travelling purely for myself. I visited seven countries in South East Asia (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia). I travelled solo and I had a blast (most of the time). Am back home adjusting and planning my next trip which will be in Central and Southern America. I love reading and writing. I also love running and finished my first marathon in Yangon Myanmar in January 2014.
mehmet photo I was born in Samsun, a Turkish Black Sea coastal town in 1950. I am living in Istanbul now.
In origin, I am a graduate chemical engineer, but, later, after having educated at the National Leathersellers College, London, England, I started my career as a leather chemist /technologist.
I served for the Turkish Government as a leather researcher and also worked for the Turkish private leather industry totalling to almost 35 years.
Now, I am a retired person, mostly trying to rest and if I find possibilities I travel with my wife around the country and abroad.
tanmay photo Tanmay Sharma is a wildlife enthusiast who is fond of exploring various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the world. His fervor for the wild has taken him on many adventures in Northern India; he further aims at making it large by promoting conservation of the wildlife. Besides travelling and exploring, Tanmay takes his time off to write travel related blogs and articles so as to share his unmatched expertise with the world.

I love travel because it gives me great pleasure to scout and experience the beautiful things around the world. There are still many more places where I want to go and explore the wonders of India like wildlife sanctuaries, sea beaches and hill stations.
jasonbitters photo was a first-time traveler who decided to go big or go home, so I quit my job, got a couple credit cards and left the country for six months on a quest to change the world. I soon realized I had no idea how to do that, so I decided to scream "WOOOOO!!" everywhere instead. You can watch my video on my WAYN profile page :)
simon photo Simon has a family to worry about nowadays so backpacking adventures to Asia, Africa and Latin America are just great memories. He is now a fan of activity holidays in Europe and North America and exploring Europe's greatest cities on occasional weekend breaks. He loves hiking and is dreaming about doing the 800km Pyrenees walk from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. And he would love to get to East Asia one day.

Wildest place: Northwest Scotland
Most unique country: Madagascar